Vision, Mission & Quality Policy


  • "Transforming Lives through Well-Being".


  • The “well being” would be ensured by delivery of “comprehensive health care”, which would be ...
    • Available, Accessible, Affordable, Safe and Effective.
    • Professional and Ethical, rendered through competent, confident and compassionate Professionals.
    • Through State-of-Art facilities.
    • Integrating Promotional and Preventive health.
    • Of consequence towards training the learners in health education.
    • Providing platform for innovative Research & Development in health care.
    • Collaborative with Local, Regional, National and Global community.

Quality Value Statement

  • The AVBRH aspires to create & cater a meaningful, all purposive health care facilities: relevant to all its stakeholders including Patients, Health Professionals, Learners and Community; With the motto: “Your Health Our Responsibility”, empowering them towards leading a quality centric life.

Organizational Values

  • The “work culture & organizational environment” would be led by “RICH” Values:
    • Responsible : Result Oriented and Accountable
    • Integrity : Ethical, Moral, Value Based and Righteous.
    • Caring with Compassion, Competency & Confidence.
    • Happiness and Joy in all dispensations.

Quality Objectives

  • Ensuring the above mission through development of health care services, manpower and facilities which are -
    • “Patient Safe & Friendly” ensuring Prompt & Timely dispensations immune from delays with and safety of the patients, as the top most priority.
    • “Patient centric”, ascertaining accessibility of all its facilities and services and ensuring continuity of quality care.
    • “Refutative based on low cost options” ensuring sufficiency for marginalised and underprivileged populace.
    • Recruitment of highly trained Professionals and further ensuring desired capacity building towards effective, efficient and ethical health care delivery.
    • Espousing World class facilities; processes and standards.
    • Adopting “Hospital at Door step approach” by undertaking community oriented measures and bridging the gap between the felt needs and delivery thereto.
    • Empowering local community through health promotional activities, assisting & enabling them to safe guard their health interests.
    • Development of “Clinical Enriched Environments with abundance and variety”, enabling the health educators to adequately train the learners towards effective dispensation of future responsibilities.
    • Building reliable solutions for local health care problems by undertaking researches and bridging the knowledge gaps .
    • Developing strong associations with local community & understanding their health needs and making commensurate provisions.
    • Developing Collaborations and Alliances with Regional, National and Global Providers towards a strong and meaningful partnership; for further enhancement of support & resources, to deliver resolute & intense health care .